What we can do now
And what we must do right now.

Upon this subject above
We, NIPPON ACADEMY, together with NPO organization ECORU
will start a movement for the heart of Well-being, Peace, and Co-existence
under the name of the warning wreath..VIRUS√óMANKIND..Corona2020 World War.

April 14th
You can get the information about CORONA in your language here.
April 10th
We have made aluminum badges..those are now on sale at 200yen which is only the actual cost (bank transfer, shipping fee separated)
For any questions, please contact NPO ECORU within NIPPON ACADEMY @TEL: 027-243-2222.
April 10th
Our Symbol sign for Corona 2020 has been chosen, moreover, this social media webpage has just opened.
March 25th
Corona posterhas been produced and released.
January 30th
VIRUS VS MANKIND Bukan pneumonia urgent support gethering was held by OMOFUND, which is our group organization.